Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Laysan is pronounced, "LI-"sän" and it is an albatross that is found in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. It is a large, rare bird that is known to be graceful and impressive in flight.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to building a long term relationship with our customers by offering quality PEG reagents backed up with exceptional customer service and technical support.

About Us


        Laysan Bio, Inc. (Laysan) is a Biotechnology company that offers novel polymers to customers for development of a wide variety of platforms. We supply catalog, custom and compliant activated poly(ethylene glycol) reagents to Academics, Research Centers, Biotech and Pharmaceutical development companies. Laysan sells a large variety of activated polymers accompanied with prompt customer service and technical assistance. Laysan has been in business since July 2006 and has shown steady growth since inception. The management team and key employees have been involved with the development and supply of PEG reagents for seven FDA or EU approved drug products or medical devices including Neulasta®, Somavert®, PEGASYS®, PEG-INTRON®, Definity®, Macugen® and DuraSeal™. Our current staff has substantial experience in process development, scale up, compliant manufacturing, validation and program management to support our customer’s developmental and commercial programs. Our key employees have fourteen plus years of experience in developing, manufacturing and managing the PEG reagents used in the listed programs. We are also working with other technology companies to allow Laysan to manufacture and distribute new novel polymers that compliment the existing poly(ethylene glycol) reagents we already offer.       

         Laysan has commissioned our 16,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This facility gives us the capabilities to manufacture active poly(ethylene glycol) reagents as compliant Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals (BPC) under all applicable regulations. Compliant batch sizes are available from 100g to a possible 20kg scale for most reagents offered. Laysan still offers custom and catalog active PEG reagents from our small scale production laboratory with batch sizes from a few grams to 1kg. This facility also allowed us to expand our Quality Control department. We have added additional analytical equipment to better characterize our compliant final products as well as test all incoming raw materials used in compliant manufacturing. Our expansive 4.5 acre campus gives Laysan the opportunity to continue to grow and build additional facilities as needed to house larger manufacturing processes to supply large quantities of reagent for commercial reagents. A copy of our Quality Manual is available to customers considering Laysan as a compliant manufacturer and we are also pleased to host quality audits to approve Laysan as a vendor. Laysan is committed to supporting our customer’s requirements for active polymers for their programs from conception through development to commercialization of their drug product or medical device. Laysan is ready and willing to work in any way to ensure our product(s) fit your program requirements and we look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. 



                                                                                                            Thank You

                                                                                                            Jon Mckannan



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