Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Our Mission
We are dedicated to building a long term relationship with our customers by offering quality PEG reagents backed up with exceptional customer service and technical support.

Aldehyde Reagents (pALD, bALD)


mPEG-Butyraldehyde (bALD), MW 2,000
mPEG-Butyraldehyde (bALD), MW 5,000
mPEG-Butyraldehyde (bALD), MW 10,000
mPEG-Butyraldehyde (bALD), MW 20,000
mPEG-Butyraldehyde (bALD), MW 30,000

mPEG-Propionaldehyde (pALD), MW 5,000
mPEG-Propionaldehyde (pALD), MW 20,000

bALD-PEG-bALD, MW 3,400
Butyraldehyde-PEG-SVA, MW 3,400

Butyraldehyde-PEG-Valeric Acid (VA), MW 3,400 

4 arm PEG-PALD (pALD), MW 10,000

mPEG-ButyrAldehyde Kit (mPEG-bALD)
4 molecular weights in kit (2K, 5K, 10K, 20K)


 * Laysan Bio is pleased to introduce a new product line, the Butyraldehyde-PEG-Valeric Acid (bALD-PEG-VA).  This reagent is a new catalog item in the 3400 molecular weight but may be made in the 2,000, 5,000, 10K, and 20K molecular weights as custom items.  The bALD-PEG-VA line offers the ability to react the Butyraldehyde functional group with a primary amine of one molecule and then perform a direct condensation between the valeric acid functional group and a primary amine of a second molecule.  This two-step process allows the intermediate conjugate to be purified before the second reaction step resulting in a more pure final product.



mPEG-Propionaldehyde (pALD), MW 1,000
mPEG-Propionaldehyde (pALD), MW 2,000

mPEG-Propionaldehyde (pALD), MW 30,000

bALD-PEG-bALD, MW 1,000
bALD-PEG-bALD, MW 10,000
bALD-PEG-bALD, MW 20,000

bALD-PEG-bALD, MW 35,000

pALD-PEG-pALD, MW 3,400

Butyraldehyde-PEG-Biotin, MW 3,400

Butyraldehyde-PEG-SVA, MW 2,000
Butyraldehyde-PEG-SVA, MW 5,000
Butyraldehyde-PEG-SVA, MW 10,000

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