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Laysan is pronounced, "LI-"sän" and it is an albatross that is found in the islands of the Pacific Ocean. It is a large, rare bird that is known to be graceful and impressive in flight.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to building a long term relationship with our customers by offering quality PEG reagents backed up with exceptional customer service and technical support.



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You must enter the code in the Comments section of the order form online.  You can also send your order through email, by phone, or fax and use this code for a discount.  This code will expire on April 30th.  One code per line item.  Please check back monthly for new product discounts each month.

Thank you for your interest in the reagents of Laysan Bio, Inc.  Below is a list of the categories of reagents that we offer.  To find out more information about our reagents, please go to our FAQ page.

Don't know which PEG to use?  Laysan offers research kits to help reduce the cost and time determining which functional group and MW is appropriate for your application. The kits consist of multiple functional groups that will react with a specific targeted end group or with multiple MWs of a single functional group.  Individual kit information is available on our kit page.

If you do not see a reagent below that will fit your needs, please contact us to receive a custom quotation. If you need a quote for quantities larger than 50 grams, please contact us for bulk pricing.  We offer smaller bottling requests for a fee of $50 and then $5 per bottle.  Due to the accuracy of our scales, we are not able to bottle lower than 100 mg quantities. 

***We have listed several custom reagents that are frequently in stock.  Please contact us for availability on all reagents.

Please contact us at or by phone at 888-852-9726 or 256-586-9004 with any questions.  If you need to ask a technical question about one of our reagents, please contact us at

Pegylation Research Kits

Acrylates (ACRL)

Aldehydes (bALD and pALD)

Amines (NH2)

Biotins (BIO)

Carboxymethyl (COOH)

Epoxides (EPOX)

Esters (SC, SCM, SG, SS, SVA)

Hydrazides (HZ)

Hydroxyls (OH)

Maleimides (MAL)

Multi-Arm (4 arm PEG reagents)

Nitrophenyl Carbonates (NPC)

Orthopyridyl Disulfides (OPSS)

Phospholipid (DSPE)

Protected PEGs (FMOC and tBOC)

Silanes (SIL)

Thiols (SH)

Valeric Acid (VA)

All sales are subject to Laysan Bio's Terms and Conditions of Sale.  Please click here to view the Terms and Conditions.  All products are shipped overnight or international priority for the stability of the product(s).

If a VAT# or broker information is not included at the time of an international order, a delay may occur. An email address is required so a tracking number can be sent.  The customer is responsible for contacting FedEx if a delay occurs. Laysan is not responsible for deliveries delayed due to international or customs issues. Thank you for your cooperation.

Laysan Bio is now recommending the SVA reagent in place of any SCM reagents.  Please click here to read more about the benefits of the SVA over the SCM. 

Because of the broad range of uses for PEG reagents, Laysan Bio can not guarantee that the reagent(s) will work for each customer's specific use.  If you have questions we encourage you to contact us prior to ordering the reagent(s).

Click here to download a printable order form.

Click here to find a listing of our MSDS documents.


Laysan Bio has a Quality System and manufactures cGMP compliant “Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemical” reagents.

We welcome all discussions regarding this service and will work with you to help our products fit your project requirements.

Call today to request a quotation or to schedule a conference call.


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